The first step is to get in contact with your requirements! Either drop me an email or fill in this form if you are after a wedding package.

Either will reach me just fine! The form is really helpful if you have lots of ideas and questions.


As every wedding is different (and so it should be!) each quote is tailored to you and your other half. As soon as we have all the info, we can work out costings and go from there.


My design is bespoke, just for you, so you won't spy it on any stationery anywhere else. Everything is done by hand and digitised by me.

During the design process, I will email you design details and final designs to approve.

We have complete control over every aspect...apart from printing, which leads me nicely to my next point, printing partners!


The only piece of the puzzle I don't complete is the printing!

I work with specialised little independent print houses to create your stationery, whether it is foil, embossed, or ink. They are total experts and can produce perfect prints. They send proofs before anything goes to print, so I can make sure it is exactly what you asked for.

I use G.F Smith paper because it is the best around! I also have a trusty sample book of papers that you can match to your colour theme for the day.

Anything that is totally hand lettered is completed by myself; this includes chalkboards and name settings.


Once you are happy and we have all the order details confirmed, I will create an invoice for you. 50% of the total cost is payable to begin design and the remaining 50% is required to send your order to the print house. 

You can do this item by item, or in one big package, whatever works for you and your budget. My quote will not change.


Once we're all done, I will check all the items and then send them on to you using signed for delivery. If you're in central London, I normally hand deliver. I will send you some sneak peek pictures too!

Large items may be couriered to you and all this will be confirmed so that you are happy.