Reading In Heels - May Box

This month I collaborated with Reading In Heels and created them some lovely lettering to go on their bookmarks and chocolate that were featured in the box! I'm surprised the chocolate lasted long enough for photos, thanks to all the folks that tagged me - I loved having a nose through them.

If you're a bookworm, go take a peep! It's a subscription that delivers an excellent little book to your door every some extra goodies :).

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Sea Circus Bali - A little collaboration
20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do...
— Mark Twain

The lovely Charlie and team at Sea Circus Bali have created an 'explore, dream, discover' series based on the quote they love from Mark Twain. I created some brush lettering for their 'you are enough' banner that adorns the walls of their restaurant. It's always nice to have a little positive corner isn't it?

explore, dream, discover....& feast 🍴 rg @saroucoul

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...and if you want some serious good vibes, head to their instagram and spend some time [ok hours] scrolling through their gloriously good looking restaurant come bar come coffee den should probably visit if you're Bali way.

from where you would rather beΒ πŸŽͺΒ #seacircus

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A spot of wedding photographer branding

Sometimes, juuust sometimes, a client has such a clear idea of what they want and you have ideas sparking straight away, that a perfic little collaboration ensues! For this hand lettering commission, I worked with the very lovely wedding photographer Terri Pashley on her new logo and branding. The result is a lovely, modern website and some rather fabulous gold embossed business cards! Projects like this remind me why I love being in the creative industries.

Brides and grooms, take note, Terri has a superb eye for detail and is booking up for 2017/8.